Quality sake from Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture [Real Tea Shochu] Fujisan Susono Sannanananaroku, Fujisan Tokkuri, Ochoshi Fujisan [Rice wine - Junmai Sake] Mononofunosato, Susono



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Delicious sake from Susono brewed with underground water from Mt. Fuji.

The members of the Susono City Mononofunosato Meishukai are liquor dealers in Susono City.
Please enjoy our vaunted sake conceived by business owners who love Susono and are well-versed in the area.

The deliciousness is due to the blessings of Mt. Fuji water.

富士山の伏流水Mt. Fuji is an active volcano, and because it is formed from lava, rain water seeps underground directly instead of flowing down the landscape. This forms a great water reservoir deep in the earth at the foot of Mt. Fuji. It is also the highest point in Japan, so clouds naturally collect here bringing lots of rain. This large, reliable water reservoir extends as far as Susono where the water wells up to the surface. It also connects with Mononofunosato. The water goes deep underground before welling up, which makes it clear through natural filtration and so cold it will nearly freeze your hand off.
The clear texture in brewing is due to the blessing of this water.
Please experience the richness produced by Mt. Fuji.